Join a growing group of people who are committing Psalm 19 to memory in 2019!  Psalm 19 is a beautiful passage that celebrates the work of God – His creation – and highlights the beauty of the word that He has spoken.  

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Thanks for stopping by!  We hope you’ll find our site helpful as you explore Psalm 19 in 2019.   God’s Word is “more desirable than gold, yes, than much fine gold”  (Psalm 19:10). There are great treasures to be found as we take time to study it and hide it in our hearts. We will …

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Tidewind Ministries exists to help people pursue intimacy with God and dependence on Him.  We offer extended times of worship and prayer in the Indianapolis area to provide people an environment to connect personally with God.  We also offer mentoring and resources to encourage believers everywhere to live Christ-centered lives.  

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